Ask us about our “SO MARvelous” savings program!

So MARvelous Savings Program

Earn “So MARvelous” Gift Rewards on purchases of Sorrelli and/or Mariana Jewelry. After accumulated purchases of $250 or more, redeem rewards for purchases in the Gift Department of Center Drugs. (Discount greeting cards excluded).

What is the SO MARvelous Gift Saving Program?

The SO MARvelous Gift Rewards Program is an easy way to accumulate savings points through accumulated purchases of Sorrelli (SO) and Mariana (MAR) Designer Jewelry.

How do I earn SO MARvelous Gift Rewards?

Simply supply basic information to the cashier with your first purchase of Sorrelli and/or Mariana Jewelry. Total dollar amounts spent on designer jewelries in the first and subsequent purchases will be saved in the computer system earning the customer redeemable points that can be used for future purchases in the Center Drugs Gift Department. (One point per dollar spent is equivalent to $.10/point; redeemable once the minimum number of points has been met.)

How do I redeem my points?

After accumulating at least 250 points in purchases of Sorrelli and Mariana Jewelry, simply instruct the cashier that you would like to apply your accumulated SO Marvelous Reward Savings to your gift purchase.