There are times when you may need a personalized prescription medication. Compounded prescriptions use individual ingredients to prepare a “made from scratch” product that your doctor wants you to have.

Why would I need to have a prescription compounded? The product may not be commercially available, or the dosage form or strength needs to be prepared just for you or your pet.  There are many situations that we can work with you and your doctor or veterinarian to produce a product to meet your needs.

Center Drugs uses only the highest quality ingredients from reputable suppliers in preparing your compounded prescriptions. Our compounding pharmacist has years of experience in this special field and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Call Jodi at the Enterprise location on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Typical prescriptions you might need include:

  • Pain medications for chronic pain or cancer patients
  • Hormone preparations
  • Nausea medications for children or adults
  • Veterinary products for you pet
  • Pediatric Dosages