Center Drugs

Center Home Health realizes the ability to be mobile in the home while managing an illness is essential to one's emotional and physical well being.

Center Home Health is a depository for your needs in medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, and compounding medicine. Being mobile in managing various health conditions, we strive to deliver essential care to those who want to be emotionally and physically healthy. Compared to other trusted big chains providing care, our specialists firstly take seriously patients’ commitment to us. Our friendship and cooperation can build strong trust and fast treatment of bothering health issues. We do respect one’s time and we do understand how important is to have access to care around the clock when the majority of pharmacies are no more operating.

Our motto at Center Home Health has always been – Fast Response and Positive Experience Only. And, it is more than just words but a phrase with which we start our daily operations. No neglect, no careless attitude, and no throwing money down the drain for doubtful services. With our experts, you access only top-notch care, and answers to any questions you have regarding your conditions.

Our pharmacists together share over 100 years of experience serving people and motivating them to take care of health as the top priority. All our specialists are regularly evaluated on their proficiency in delivering services and necessary care. They are involved in volunteering jobs, and at least one time per month, they visit community, school and church activities to understand what are the common health problems and what are their immediate solutions. Regarding our secondary workers, who are not directly involved in care, they are the same obliged to pass certifications and training to boost our services. Starting from technicians up to administrators who deal with medical equipment, we all share similar goals.

Do you want to save time and protect your budget from extreme spendings with us? Our co-pays will help you deal only with averagely priced items that we fought for implementing discounts on. Besides, once contacting us, you may get the additional bonuses:

  • 24/7 emergency help and mobile refills;
  • Immediate notifications on when you can get your Rx pickup;
  • Mobile locations, reports, and the latest promotions;
  • Designated application for your PC;
  • Major payment gateways and our system of Rapid Pay;
  • Personal account with all information on your refills, and transactions;
  • Professional counseling when you do not know what to choose exactly;
  • Compounding medicine produced exclusively for your needs and health conditions;
  • Gifts for trusting us;
  • Fittings, treatment, therapies, medical equipment, nutrition;
  • Friendship for years with convenient affiliate programs.

Contact Center Home Health today, and tomorrow you won’t be treated like anywhere else.